Thursday, May 22, 2014

Art and the Goth

1 Madrigal lived for the cabaret. There were dark times behind, people craved a few hours away from their personal horrors, from memory itself. There were dark times ahead, but shining mirrored lights would dazzle their eyes, and the unadulterated alcohol flowing from the bar shielded the audience in a blurred haze. There were dark time all around them, and in her most of all. Those who stumbled through the shadowed door, past the cheap pockmarked sign would doubtless assume it was the gaiety, the music, the drink itself that made them feel better. Madrigal knew better, and fed this misunderstanding just as she topped up each glass. Here in the darkness, she could take their pain away. Here in the darkness... she became their pain. Here in the darkness, and here alone. Just for a short while... 2 4 Music moved Artyra. In the Hall of Chellis she resided, some say reigned. Hers was the beat, and set the tone for all others of their sect. The dark heart swelled, contracting with a pulse that sent shivers up her spine, and flickered electric shocks across her synapses. The heart bent to her mood, fast or slow, calm or racing with energy just as need dictated. It was from here that she watched, through the eyes of others, all that needed to be done. Those outside the halls were bound to obey, each felt the push of sound wave, the pulse of blood. Their city, their way of life depended on it. Shadows would fall, and in them could be found those servants. Listen close, you may just hear her beat. 3
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So many events, so little time! Sounds like I'm complaining - I couldn't love it more!

Starting here with the World Goth Faire - As Ursula has introduced! This is an excellent event, three SIMs of stores, in hauntingly beautiful surroundings. Creators have items up for sale of course, there are also vendors giving anything from 50% to 100% of the price of the item to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.
You can read more about them here...
Sophie Lancaster Foundation
Shopping and doing good. Few things get better than that!

Madrigal wears;
Skin : [.Riel.] Witching Hour 09    L$ 50 (Gacha)
Eyes :  Psychotic Neko - Goth Eye Plain Purple/Black  L$ 30 (Gacha) 50% to charity.
Mask : LNS  - Sophie Lancaster Masks - free gift
Dress : [LNS Designs]  PHAEDRA - LACIRQUE  L$ 147  100% to charity.

Artyra wears;
Skin : [.Riel.] Witching Hour 09    L$ 50 (Gacha)
Eyes :  Psychotic Neko - Goth Eye Plain Purple/Black  L$ 30 (Gacha) 50% to charity.
Headdress :  [AD] Sophie mesh headdress (resizable)  L$ 200 100% to charity.
Necklace : Lassitude & Ennui Ravenskull necklace - black  L$ 90  100% to charity.
Corset : Adoness: Hekate: Corset: Aurora  L$ 150    50% to charity.
Pants : Endorphin: Gothic strapped pants (part of an entire outfit) L$ 325    50% to charity.

Port Seraphine:

Also running at the moment is the MadPea Gacha Art Festival on now in Mad City, with art being celebrated throughout the SIM. There is original art by amazing SL artists to buy from gacha machines. Shown above are my purchases,

[Kou!] Screw that bulb...  L$ 50
This is a kinetic sculpture!
A. Baroque - Sketch - Unseelie    L$ 50
A. Baroque - Sketches, package wraps   L$ 50
A. Baroque - Sketch - Flora   L$ 50
Beautiful hand drawn artworks from a true talent.

Mad City

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