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2 L'école d'art had an expansive summer programme, sending students across the continent in search of ideas. 1 Each student, talented in their own way, packed up their new bags and went out to explore. 3 Everyone was given their choice of equipment, the tools of their trade with which to hone their craft. 4 8 Some would work in marble, others in fabrics or oils. 7 Each began with pencils and paper, wandering the streets and lanes of strange towns for inspiration. 5 All would come together in the end, in the name of art. 6 Ah... Depraved Nation. NEVER disappoints. If you haven't been to District5 yet, where have you been? What have you been doing? Eh? Wait! Don't go yet! *chuckles* Here's what you can expect.
1 SIM - Five themed areas like the spokes of a wheel. From cheerful and rustic, to grimy and sordid - there's something for everyone. Here's a little of what I found - with more to come soon!

Taxi to District 5

Set 1

Eyes : .random.Matter. - Fracture Eyes - Clover  L$ 90
Such pretty eyes - far more realistic and lifelike than your average due to beautiful artwork of the sclera.
Pencil : .{yumyums}. Nommy Colored Pencil {Stark} L$ 99
Many colours, many positions - much more to come from these!
Tattoo (upper) :  Letis Tattoo :: Essence  :: MM14014 ::  L$ 300
Beautiful tattoo - tattoo layer extends up onto the face and down onto the hands.
Top : Razor/// Cataclysm Tri-Jacket - Violet-  L$ 279
Fantastic style in this jacket, limited numbers of each colour available at District5
Skirt : {dollle*} 045 Tartan Front Slit Micro Skirt - Black  L$ 100
Micro Mini Mesh! Love the grey tartan.
Bag : .{yumyums}. Calm Yo-self Bag [Left Hold I] {Fall} L$ 299
Ideal leather look bag - comes with two options for holds on left and right (hand and arm).
Shoes :  ]S]N]0]B] Fun Wedge Heels  (Work with Slink Medium High mesh feet) L$ 380
Excellent HUD with these heels - you can get an idea of the variation available in this post.

From Hair Fair 2014 : [LeLutka]-FRANCINE hair - IrishRed - Naturals pack L$ 275
Beautiful hair - love the style and the accessory!

Set 2

Eyes : .random.Matter. - Fracture Eyes - Clover  L$ 90
Teeth : [whatever] Teeth 2.0 - Fang   L$ 269
A great idea, especially for those who enjoy role play. Getting the ideal fit was a little tricky - but I was in a rush! Take your time, and play with the different alpha styles included to get your perfect look.
Tattoo (upper) :  Letis Tattoo :: Essence  :: MM14014 ::  L$ 300
Top : EMPORIUM - J&S Bean  L$ 100
Blown away by this for the price - HUD driven texture options for the vest top, jacket and shoulder spikes.
Skirt :  [VN] - Retro Pencil Skirt - Skelly  L$ 200
Great high waisted pencil skirt - gotta love a bones design.
Binder :  .{yumyums}. School Binder {Candy} L$ 199
Binder shown here in both open and closed options included in the pack. These also work as SL standard typing animation overriders. If you have that turned on, when you type - now you write!
Shoes :  ]S]N]0]B] Fun Wedge Heels  (Work with Slink Medium High mesh feet) L$ 380

From Hair Fair 2014 : ::TI:: Mireda Hair-  Licorice - Blacks Pack L$ 250
Can't get enough of this style.

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