Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fighting for life at the Moulin Rouge

Welcome! Welcome!
Roll up, Roll on up!
Come on down, and come on in!

The Moulin Rouge was hosting an evening filled with more more stars than could be seen in the firmament over Paris. The elephant was out back of course, for those who loved the movies and the romance of it all. Others had bought their tickets for the show months in advance. Rumor had it that they were now changing hands now for staggering sums. The management had no problem with that. The ticket touts were all on their payroll, and tonight, more than any other night, they were happy to see prices going sky high. The show tonight was for the survivors. They were the stars. They had built the sets, rigged the lighting, designed and sewn the costumes, they would be the ones to tread the boards. They played each instrument. The applause was theirs, as they were the audience. Those who survived, day by day, or all together. Still fighting, still surviving. Glasses would be raised to those who through no fault of their own, were absent in body, if not in spirit. The lights are flashing, people are taking their seats. Time to take to the stage.

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Fashion for Life

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