Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It was all going swimmingly... Fantasy Faire 2016

Adrienne had had it. Had it up to the gills. It had started slowly, centuries earlier, or so the tales caved into the sacred story rocks told. A new shadow on the surface, on the barrier between their world, and the dry suffocating world above. A new creature, that's all. So they had thought.
It was carved, it had become part of their history. Just a new creature, a new predator. One day there would be no fish, where there had been fish before. Another, there would be a slick of blood and oil marring the surface; bones cracked and burned fell through the water to pile on sands. No predator hunted so indiscriminately, none took so much, sweeping vast swathes of the sea clear.
This night she would rest. They all would. They needed to. Come the morning, with the turn of the tide, the seas would change. Shoals of fish swept away would reform. Bones had always carpeted the deep. The clog of plastic, however, was stifling the ocean. The world above had contaminated the seas for too long. Tomorrow they were going to give it all back. The stones would be carved anew.

Hair : Analog Dog - omega - SPLASH - from omega - blacks/ splash L$ 350 Relay for Life item
Skin : .:Soul:. Gen2 F - Ranitomeya - [F6] - Fade - TT-FB - Brow  Complete Package L$ 1299  Relay for Life item
Top : [ SAKIDE ] Kethya Glow Top Sheer - from full Kethya outfit - L$ 150 Relay for Life item
Mer Tail, Belt and Arm Shields : TempT Mishell Relay for Life item

Swim on down to the Fairelands!
The Fairelands Junction

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