Friday, April 7, 2017

The Sea Witch - "Filling The Cauldron" Event

The Sea Witch

Lorelei Blackwave, the lonely sea witch stood on the seashore and she was very sad. She had been exiled from her home under the sea so many years before that she almost forgot how the lights used to dance on the corals and how she used to play with the tame fish. An elaborate incantation went wrong, terribly wrong... and the council of the surviving sea witches and warlocks unanimously decided that she had to leave. She used her incantations on Earth plants ever since, she grew an entire forest of never-seen creatures around the little cave where she lived... but each and every evening, at sunset, she went as close to the salty waves as the ban curse permitted, and whispered goodnight to the deep silent waters.

Many items are from the “Filling the Cauldron – Ember’s Cauldron” event; and while you can shop for “Ember’s Cauldron” until 19th April, the “Filling The Cauldron” event ends this weekend, on 9th April, so hurry up before the kiosks and the exhibition at Holly Kai Park disappear!

Donation items:
Skin: “Cosmic Snake” by Fallen Gods Inc. (990 L$), a “Filling the Cauldron – Ember’s Cauldron” donation item. Alia Baroque has decided to make a unique exception and release this skin (a special thank you gift that was previously available only to the participants of the annual Fallen Gods photo contest in 2015) to the public, in order to help Elicio. It really is a unique opportunity to grab this amazing and exclusive skin during the “Filling The Cauldron” event and also in the FGInc. shop until 19th April!
Head jewel: “Vaeri Headchain” by Lumae for the “Ember’s Cauldron” event – 100 L$.
Gown: “Whistles – Poesia dei fiori” in Purple, an exclusive colour for the “Ember’s Cauldron” event by Faida and Fallen Gods Inc. – 260 L$.

Other items:
Ears: “High Elf” Uni Ears by Soul – 499 L$.
Hair No. 1 (the hanging part): “The Flutterbee Hair” by Olive in Bubblegum – a gacha item not available any more.
Hair No. 2 (the flying part): “Tempest” by Tableau Vivant – a gacha item not available any more.
Eyes: “Dragon Eyes Golden Sight” by Sterling Artistry – 65 L$.
Jewellery: “Revenge” bangles and crown by Luas (modified) – 100 L$.
“Double Hagoromo” in Gold by Aii The Ugly And Beautiful (modified) – 99 L$.

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