Monday, April 29, 2019

Sweet Sakura - Fantasy Faire 2019

Follow me...
                    Follow me,
                                                             follow me...
                                                                                                  The season of Sakura is here!
In the Fairelands, themselves so fleeting, the season of Sakura would last the span of existence. The embodiment of renewal, spring and new life encapsulated in the fragile blooms.
So delicate, their ephemeral beauty and scent filled the realm, bringing joy to all. This beauty drew in crowds. For a short while all focus, all senses were delighted. This delight joined all those who experienced it, though they may never know it. This was the point. As even as the petals would begin to fall, their beauty and scent fading from the world, the world had been changed by their brief presence. All who delighted, all who saw were changed, their lives made better and brighter. 
                                       So follow me...
                                                                                   Follow me, and see.

Pictures taken in Fantasy Faire SIM Nightshade Blossoms

Hat : [Cubic Cherry] {Voracity} hat FF'19 Purple edition
Nightshade Blossoms
Hair : !!Firelight!! - Rigged Hair - Mega - Emeralda Gem2
Sanguinely Garden
Eyes :  {Acios} Eyes of Bayounimba
Facial piercing : ~*Immersion*~ Remnant of Araushnee Diadem
Twilight Spring
Necklace : Talevin's Designs - Chain Gothic Cross Necklace
The Shrine Tree
Tattoo :  Juna: Multiple Hud Milly tattoo Woman
Tensors Flying Market
Wings and Top : *EC* Echo Fairy - (Part of full Echo Fairy outfit)
Skirt : :::c*C*c::: Valkyrie_purple skirt  (Part of full Valkyrie outfit)
The Shrine Tree
Boots: (RP) Kella Two Toned Boots Purple (Part of full Kella outfit)

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