Saturday, April 27, 2019

Why I Relay - Fantasy Faire 2019

The words whispered through the lanes, rounded corners, and whistled through the leaves of the Shrine Tree.
Words of all languages, from all lands. From tongues long lost, their syllables faded from all worlds but this. Cries of pure sound, filled with meaning even before understanding speech. The murmured, the whispered, the silence of words only thought, or communicated by gesture, by touch. Their soft breeze gently nudged the lanterns hanging from every bough. Shouts, yells and screams shook the ground, sending showers of petals down from branches high above.
Words had built each building, brick by brick, stone on stone, tile by tile. It took many words to make each of course, or by now the accumulation of buildings would stretch to the ends of the world. Every word found its place here, those of resolve and conviction, strength and stability formed foundations and walls, rising higher with spires of hope and challenge to be achieved. Glass from clarity, rooftiles from words of protection and care. This land was one of words, of memory.
A land of memory, but no mausoleum. The words which had coalesced into matter, pulled together into shape and form, they would never diminish, they would endure. The names which lit each lantern would go on burning bright long after all who had spoken them were themselves passed and gone. Knowledge and understanding developed over time, slowing the process of building, illuminating fewer new lanterns, fewer new candles. Fewer voices would add to the chorus, and that was the goal. That was worth celebrating. Worth fighting for.

Why I Relay
I relay for this. This which was once a dream, and is slowly becoming a reality. A world in which fewer and fewer people are lost to or hurt by cancer. We are all affected, we can all show resolve, have strength, offer hope and care. We do this for those who cancer has taken. We do this for those who fight it every day. We do this to make sure there will be an end. There will be no more lights. No more loss. I relay to remember and honour. I speak the names. I hold the memories.

Pictures taken in Fantasy Faire sim The Shrine Tree

Hair : Wasabi // Prudence Mesh Hair
Eyes :  {Acios} Eyes of Bayounimba
Necklace : *~*Illusions*~* Shikoba Necklace
Tattoo : Endless Pain Tattoos - Myrdin black
Twilight Spring
Dress : .AiShA. Gothel Dress Maitreya Red

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