Friday, March 5, 2010

Its friday im in love ... with some great stuff

Evie's Closet has a lucky dip. There are i think around 7 different dresses you could get there. I had luck i went there once payed 40 Linden and did get the one i liked best from the pictures. The dresses come non copy but trans so you could give dresses you get twice to a friend.
Dress: Evie's Closet - Chimera Gown (Black) (Lucky dip 40 Linden)

I like green things. So i was very glad when i saw the march freebies at Sterling Artistry Eyes. The packet contains two pairs of green eyes and also green nailpolish. It made me laugh that the eyes fit perfectly to the makeup of the skin i normaly use. As gredy dragoness i was insecure if i should blog the circlets or not - i like them so much so i was a bit against sharing where and how to get them. But well they are a 7seas fishing gift at Yabusaka. If you fish there with bait you have the chance to catch those circlets and some more gifts. The store is also worth to visit they have some of the best jewlery i have seen in second life.

Eyes and Nails: sa March Freebies from Sterling Artistry
Circlets: < Yabusaka > Elven Circlet Green 7seas Limited ver. and < Yabusaka > Wizard's Circlet Green 7seas Limited ver.

The Om Nom hunt is going on till the 30th of March. I found two sweet outfits in it.
Dress: "+Lo*momo+" OmNomHunt (0 Linden)
Socks: *Sheer* Knee-Highs 03: Under (0 Linden)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Audrei :: Raven (i think they have been at 225 Lindens)

I think this outfit from Sanu is perfect to make a man fall in love. I think nearly all men love hamburgers.

Outfit: OmNomHunt #05 - Sanu's

I promised myself not to hang around in front of lucky boards to get skins anymore. Well i failed when i saw this skin. It has a painted cat face so its really great for roleplay. The undies are a lucky chair item too. The high heels are from the midnight mania board of a shop i like very much, M&MM.
Skin: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Nina Ugly Catt!! (Lucky board)
Undies: *RD* CHERRY SOPHIE (Lucky chair item)
High heels: M&MM - Stiletto Black Shoes (midnight mania item)

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