Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lazy Saturday

I always thought that dragons carry hatchies in their muzzle but there is a new way to carry hatchies. Juniper Darrow sells it in her store in Avilion Vale, the hatchling basket.

As hatchlings are sometimes very very lazy and always want food that basket is a very good solution to transport those spoiled beings. The owner rezzes the basket and the hatchling jumps into it. The basket follows the owner so its always possible to have an eye on the hatchling.

It only could happen that the basket owner gets a bit tired when hearing all the time demands like "my milk is empty i want more", "there is no cookie on my plate anymore" or "fluff my cushion".

The basket for hatchlings comes with a glass of milk and a cookie. For tinys there is a version with waffles available.

Here a lazy otter sitting in the hatchie basket.

I also would love to carry a hatchie around with me but i only got this beautiful dress from HOUSE OF BENINGBOROUGH. But it seems like i have to wait for a willing hatchling or tiny.

Dress: BB Blue Brocade Dress -Free Gift
Basket: Blue Opal Fae Shoppe: Spoiled Hatchie Basket (200 Linden)

An other way to fly is that parachute. It is a gift this weekend at RC cluster. The dress is the current NINIKO Groupgift.

Chute: -RC- Cluster Parachute Gift!
Dress: "NINIKO"Groupgift'10-03 epron skirt(box)