Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday fantasy

Its hard to find good looking free Mermaid costumes in my opinion. So i was really surprised to see this one at the Midnight mania board at Cloverleaf Fantasy Shop. Here i only show the female version but there is also one on the midnight mania board for men. It comes with a good Mermaid ao. I mean good for a free one i never had a bought Mermaid ao so compared to the other free one i know its a really good one.

Outfit: Cloverleaf Fantasy Shop: Aurianne Mermaid (AO Included) (Midnight mania Board)

So i had to try the ao with a Mermaid costume i bought some time ago. Its kind of a mix between a Mermaid and a Kimono. As i love Kimono and also like Kois i had to get it.
Outfit : KAMI-HITOE :KH: Japanese Koi mermaid (350 Linden)

Mystic Sky has a new lucky chair item. Yay. And it looks great. And i m sure on taller avis it will look even better.

Dress: ~Mystic Sky~ Serendipity Gown: Red (Lucky chair item)

And last and least a fae outfit from the same shop as the first Mermaid outfit. The shoes i got from the midnight mania board at Ingenue.

Outfit: Cloverleaf Fantasy Shop: Sweet Pea Fairy (Midnight Mania Board gift)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Audrei :: Berry :: Midnight Mania

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