Sunday, August 14, 2011


Things you might want to grab fast! and here they are - I should first mention the hair since sadly there's a closing sale at AMG all hairs have been reduced to 99L so I grabbed a few of my favourites before they vanished forever.

 Next is the latest subscribo gift from ADiva and what a generous gift too! you get this pretty little dress with matching accessories i.e necklace & earring (which you can't see in this image) & then a lovely matching bag which all ties in perfectly with these sandals which I adore on the luckyboard at Pesca.

The skin is a lovely pale one from ......  . I must admit i'm quite partial to a pale skin and I find that this one is a realistic natural tone which I'm sure is hard to achieve , because the skin is quite natural  & plain it's makes wearing make up fantastic - a blank canvas if you like which is perfect seeing as the skin comes with a range of vibrant eye shadows one of which i'm wearing in my picture.

Dress, Jewelry & bag: 0L subscribo gift > aDiva
Hair: 99L closing sale > AMG Boudoir
Skin: 199L - Angie skin > {birdy}
Shoes: 0L - luckyboard item > Pesca

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