Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Training in the cellar

Ingrid spend too much time in the dark. Even for a horsegnome she was way too pale. Sometimes her friends tried to figure out why she spend all the time in the cellar. But Ingrid always told them that she would unsun herself. The most supposed this would be a lie and they were right. She was searching for a treasure. Or more she was training treasure searching. Some time ago she had met a dwarf who was totally obsessed by gold. All dwarf seemed to be that way but he liked gold even more than a normal dwarf. So when he got to know Ingrid he knew that she would be great to find treasures. They started to train in the cellar, the dwarf hid something under the floor and Ingrid used her hooves to hear if there was any difference in the ground. She really became good in hearing the smallest hollow space just by listening to the sound her hooves made. And the training really helped they found many treasures and even the dwarf becamse so rich that he started to prefer searching for the next pub instead of the next treasure.
hooved one
Hoo has a lot of cute stuff and those dress and the digigrade legs are on their lucky chairs. I really like the texture of the dress it looks like being made of felt. The dress comes also with a collar which consists of two parts and sleeves. It is possible to make the lower part of the sleeves smaller. The legs come with alphalayers. They fit smaller avatars very well. I won the hair at the A&Y Lucky board. There is a lot of cyberish hair on that board. It comes with resizescript and it is possible to colour the black streaks in other colours than black.

Hair: A&Y Tilo Gothic hair - Emerald (0 L$ Lucky board)
Dress: Hoo- "Earthgrown" Dress (0 L$ Lucky board)
Hooves: HOO- Clydesdale Digigrade Legs
Ears: :GAUGED: Elf Ear (Ver2) - URBAN WRECKAGE (0 L$ Depraved Urban Wreckage Hunt)

The picture has been taken at Tochigi Japan Cybercity with a pose from Juxtapose.


  1. Thank you so much. Actually Im very thankful to be able to share a bit of my ideas. And Im happy that people read my little stories. Thank you so much for your support.