Friday, October 28, 2011

In the Jungle

On the search for her brother Sybill had seen more fantastic things and beings than she ever planed to see. Now she somehow got into this tropical forest and was not sure if she would ever manage to find out of it. The night had started quite promising. She visited a party in a house where she supposed that her brother might be trapped in. But although she had managed to get down to the cellar and to check all rooms there was no sign of her brother. Instead she found a path which lead her into the forest. She could simply go back but now she knew the secret of the house and of its owner. He would not want her being able to tell anybody that he knew how to open portals to other dimensions. So she needed to find an other portal but she did not know if she would end in the dimension she came from.
black lucky board dress
The Marilyn Outfit is new on the Bubblez Design lucky board. It is a short black dress which can either be worn with fur around the shoulders or without the fur - like on the picture. The primparts can be resized. To be able to win the dress it is needed to be a member of the Bubblez Design group. The scarf comes from Zeery, it is a great store for scarfs and other accessories. The scarf will be only available till October 31st as it belongs to a special halloween edition. The set includes a version which is attached at the chest and one which is attached at the spine. There is also a halloween gift in the store and even better a sale.

Dress: BB - Marilyn Outfit (free group lucky board)
Scarf: Zeery Warm Wrap Textile Scarf [] Zombified [] Make Him Hunger (190 L$)

Picture taken at Cabrian Outpost with poses from Purple Poses.

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