Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hearts and flowers

Just a couple of brief things to mention. These amazing boots can be purchased from a little skybox while the main store of 1990 is under construction so don't be alarmed when you tp in. Can't wait to see the new store!!

Hair store Tekuteku is having a closing down sale (boo hoo) so go grab while you can.

I couldn't click on the table to see what it's price was but it's still part of the collection detailed below. That's all folks....

Skin: 1L - Soomi By Mother Goose's @> SGB anniversary Festa
Hair: 39L - Marshmallow > TEKUTEKU
Roses in hair: 0L  - Hair stick by N*Rose @ > SGB anniversary Festa
Top: 0L - Zombie popcorn hunt prize > paper.doll
Shorts: 30L - shortpants - brown > ::humming::
Socks: 0L - Luckyboard prize > Mother Goose's
Shoes: 695L - lou bootie - Taupe > 1990
Scarf: 200L - long scarf - sepia > Maitreya
Pose: 0l - Part of a set from the womenstuff hunt > CS shapes

All part of the Summer Blossom collection  > Tupelo honey
Chair: 200L
Rug: 50L
Candle bowl: 20L

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