Saturday, June 7, 2014

Armed Face

Fashion for life a fundraising event for Relay for Life will start today. On 10 sims designers show their latest creations and help raising money for cancer research. But Fashion for Life is way more. There are events as runway shows as well as live djs. The range of items at this event is very wide. There are of course women's outfits as well as clothing for men and children. Even hair and posemakers take part. The official website contains way more detailed information.

In Orange II The Sehr eye device from Crie Style is one of the most awesome items which are sold at fashion for life. It is made of unrigged mesh so it is possible to move it a bit but it is not possible to make it smaller. The device looks like a sight device with added projectiles worn directly at the head. It is an item which most likely is awesome for roleplay and besides of that also looks very good.
The skin and the shape come from Deluxe Body Factory while the dress is being made by [sYs].
The Sadie hair comes from Wasabi Pills. It is a very playful hair style with braids and a ponytail at the side of the head. The pose has been made by purple poses.
In Orange
Eye Device: *+Crie Style+* Sehr (Fashion for Life)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sadie Mesh Hair - Iceberg
Skin: [Deluxe Body Factory] Shereece skin and shape (Fashion for Life)
Dress: [sYs] NAIADES long dress (Fashion for Life)
Pose: PurplePoses

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