Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fashion For Life 2014 Britt hits London

11 Dawn broke on the streets of the captial after a long London night. Britt was far from ready to head home; these days, it felt more like home as she walked the streets, saw the sights, was part of it all. 10 As the sun rose, so did she. From pacing beside deserted bus stops, she headed into the heart of town. On the other side of the ocean, people were breakfasting at Tiffanys, here, she would feast her eyes on all the sights Mayfair had to offer, strutting along The Strand in killer heels. 19 A long day, teasing the guards in their bearskins at the Palace, waving and curtseying to the Queen - she knew how to read the flags, the Monarch was at home. All the city was alive, some refined, some outlandish, all quintessentially British. Britt relaxed, leaning against the lions guarding Nelson's column. The thrum of the traffic, the cooing of the pigeons, the clinking of the buttons on the pearly kings and queens... She was home. And she loved it.

Wooooo Fashion for Life! Relay! Relay! Such an amazing event! Even better, as there are SO many vendors put out by each wonderful creator, each offering different percentages of the price paid for the item to go directly to charity to help fight cancer.

Britt wears:

Hair : *~*Damselfly*~*Kippar(Sml/Med)Mesh Bubblegum  L$ 200
25% of this sale goes directly to Relay for Life. Beautiful colours!

Dress : HOLY SHIrT! UK Princess dress  L$ 300
50% of this sale goes directly to Relay for Life. This outfit is AMAZING. The MESH dress moves with you, walking, dancing whatever, it looks great. MESH undies are included, along with a CROWN!

Shoes : Essenz - Detroit (Black)   L$ 280
50% of this sale goes directly to Relay for Life. Beautiful shoes, really delicate, for your high SLink feet.

You can find all of the Fashion For Life 2014 SIMS from here.

Fashion For Life 2014

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