Friday, June 13, 2014

Amazon Mischief - FFL 2014

5 Follow the river upstream from the ocean. Follow the twists and turn, leap cataracts and eventually you could find yourself at the camp. Angela had been here only a few weeks, the heat and light rousing her each morning from sleep. 6 Mosquitoes and dragonflies vied in airborne currents above the flowing torrent. Smoke rose from the campfire, carrying with it the intoxicating scent of fresh brewed coffee. The others on the expedition had their reasons, their own causes dragging them the miles. Most strove for science, cataloguing and recording, some hopeful for conservation, others seeking to document what would soon be lost. 7 Angela followed neither path. She was here to conserve, not through collecting and copying what nature produced so freely back home in some lab, but by doing all she could to ensure nature would remain out here, where it belonged. She knew there were some among the party, those with more mercenary motives, badly hidden by science. Those looking for fault lines, places where the bounty beneath the earth could be ransacked for monetary gain thousands of miles away from the lives such actions would destroy. Not if she could help it. A spilled cup of coffee on a laptop here, a stack of notes toppling into the campfire there... who could be blamed? She was saving them all, whether they liked it or not. 

 Angela wears :
Hair : *~*Damselfly*~*Brandell Dark Reds L$ 200
Lovely hair - HUD has TWENTY colour options!
L$50 of the L$200 goes directly to the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life (25% )

Top : Center Ville  Shoulder Blouse Yuka Kim L$ 100
The design of this top (and the others in the range) is lovely. Hippy Chic!
L$25 of the L$100 goes directly to the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life (25% )

Pants : LeeZu! - Constance Leatherpants  L$ 190
These are beautiful, edgy leather, with fabric underlay on the frilled cuffs. Materials enabled design!
L$47 of the L$190 goes directly to the American Cancer Society (25% )

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