Saturday, June 14, 2014


They found the house in the late afternoon. They knew that the weather would change in the evening so this was more than a welcome surprise. It meant they could rest.  Fizzla had to slice the electric lock of the door which took a while. But it meant that somehow the house seemed to have electricity which was a surprise as most devices had been destroyed in the catastrophe. It gave them the hope that it would be a good safehouse for a while. Especially since they had not seen any tracks of others in the area. When they finally got inside they were amazed although not everything they found inside seemed to be of use for them.
The first picture has been taken in the Stillness in Time Skyloft from 22769 Bauwerk. The skybox is made of mesh and is perfect for those who like a lot of wall space for pictures. It also already has an artwork inside (which can be hidden).
Epic made a helmet which reminds on the helmet worn by tank girl in the comics with the same name. Different from the comics this one comes with cat ears. It is very well textured and all the little details make it look really cute at the moment it is being sold as a donation item at fashion for life. Moola created a bunch of t-shirts. The one on the pictures shows a monkey. The Melody skirt from Somnia is textured so that it looks like the keys of a piano. Both items are made of mesh and come in the standard sizes. The ingrid mesh hair from wasabi pills is a playful and slightly wild cut. It also has the benefit of fitting well under helmets in case of not wanting to wear a helmet without hair.  cat-helmet
Bliensen + MaiTai created heels for fashion for life. The shoes are available in many colours and each of those colours comes with a hud which allows to change the tone as well as the colours of some parts of the shoes. The tones are all very vibrant and having the chance to switch between tones allows to match them perfectly to an outfit.  heels
Helmet: *Epic* Tank Girlie Helmet w/Goggles {Neko} (Fashion for Life)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ingrid Mesh Hair
Shirt: ~*Moolala*~ Female Tee (Bangkok Monkey) (Fashion for Life)
Skirt: .: Somnia :. Melody (Fashion for Life)
Legs: *Epic* Barbs & Blood Slouchie Digi Warmers
High heels: Bliensen + MaiTai - Bolero   (Fashion for Life)

Skybox: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stillness in Time Skyloft

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