Friday, November 28, 2014

Afternoon Of A Dragon

It was late afternoon and Uriella was quite ready for her proverbial 5 o'clock tea. Dragons had their habits, too, after all. She decided to assume her human form... those tiny wee teacups were not designed for claws, and she didn't want to break the last pieces from her mum's tea set. Uriella wrapped her long human fingers around the transparent bone china cup, and she sighed with relief. Winter was coming. She knew that... but she was fiery, ready and prepared.
Afternoon Of A Dragon
The items shown here are literally last minute steals and deals - so read quickly, pick up your purse and run, otherwise you're going to lose the chance to own any of these beauties soon!

The delicate skin is a special item for  A Tattered Page event by Fallen Gods Inc. ... I know, I know, you might not be a fan of macabre items, but even if you don't want to wear a skin called "Cadaver" you should go to Selidor all the same, as Alia Baroque has decided to throw many of his creations at you for a reduced price this weekend. Read more about the Black Days at Selidor here.
The current round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival ends on November 30th, so you still have two (short) days to try your luck on those funny tinkling machines!

Skin: "Cadaver Creature" for A Tattered Page by Fallen Gods Inc. - 990 L$.
Hair: "Mystic" V2 in Monotone (Common) by Ploom - The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, 75 L$ per play.
Headpiece (1): "Muse Deco" (Scripted Ultra Rare with HUD) by The Plastik - The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, 70 L$ per play.
Headpiece (2): "Fly Away With Me" in Blood by Yasum (Common) - The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, 50 L$ per play.
Necklace: "Crushed Roses" in Silver and Ruby by Frippery Artistic Jewellery - 400 L$. Have I mentioned how much I admire Elizabeth and her apparently endless patience in creating delicate and unique pieces of jewellery for you, gentle dwellers of Second Life? ... and Ode, her home sim, is such an amazing, poetic land where a new stunning view opens up around each and every corner ... shoo, why are you still here? Go and explore, be amazed and return to Ode very, very soon!

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