Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014 - Magic Is Around The Corner!

Ssshhhhh... quiet, quiet. Can you hear it...? The soft tinkling, humming and clanking from the distance?

Shhh... Fantasy Faire Is Coming... Yes, it is the Fairelands being built by some of the most talented creators in SL, with the assistance of elves, dwarves, and - of course - dragons. In three days (another magic number, hmmm?), that is on the 1st day of May, the gates will open and the good people of SL can pour onto eleven (!) incredibly beautiful sims. Please read the details on the official Fantasy Faire homepage.
Do visit the Faire, shop at your hearts' content, have fun, meet friends old and new... and also donate generously for a good cause.
We at Eclectic Equations, being also official bloggers of this wonderful event, will do everything in order to keep you amused and informed on whatever happens in the Fairelands.

Meet you inworld in a few days!

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