Saturday, April 4, 2015

Somebody say cookies?

Greedy, greedy, greedy. She couldn't help it.
Working in the snack cabin all day, she was surrounded by delicious morsels from opening to close. Hers was no ordinary kiosk, everything they stocked was home made, delivered fresh each morning, or throughout the day as her group of bakers and makers arrived, gingham swaddled trays in hand. Business woman as she was, the cookies fascinated her at the moment, even more than the profits which could be made from them. A new baker had brought them in such a variety of flavours, each tasting so good she had to add them to her collection. One day strawberry would be her absolute favourite, the next chocolate, the next cherry. Today was all about lime. The crumble of biscuit, the smoothness of the icing. If her customers weren't quick, soon there would be none left.

Newness! Newness all round. I finally got mesh mouthed, with a Loud Mouth, and have been playing around with various skins and appliers. Some seem easier to match up than others, on low graphics (my usual state for RP etc) some just won't work for me, the difference in texture from skin to applier is too great, and I just looked weird. Combinations like this - some have improved with higher graphics settings, some not - so I will continue to fiddle with those. Other skin combos look good with the Loud Mouth even on low graphics - the pics above were taken on ultra of course, but I'm sat by by fireside now in the lowest of settings and I still look normal! 
Cosmopolitan is a fortnightly shopping event running from March 30th to April 12th. It's here that you can take your pick from the cookie flavours on offer from YumYums. You can get to the event here... 

Skin : .{yumyums}. {Honey} Hope [Blonde Brow]  L$ 1200
The same skin covered in the Skin Fair 15 blogpost - now making use of the Loud Mouth appliers as well as SLink.
Mouth : Loud Mouth - Alli v3.0   L$ 789
This is going to take some getting used to for me, here it looks great! - The HUD is simple to use, with links to a help blog if needed.
Cookie : ,{yumyums}. Jammie Cookie {Lime}  L$ 80
Cookies come ready to be bitten, also included with each colour is a lip drip of icing, and a drip that's fallen down onto the chest (not shown above).
Dress : :[P]:- Briane Dress [M]:// Batsy  239L 
Fantastic minidress, punky edge with studded belts all part of the design. 5 standard mesh sizes and one for good old ruth. Many colours and designs available.

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