Monday, May 4, 2020

Why I Relay - Fantasy Faire 2020

The rumours were true.

The Unweaver had been at work in the world again. Rarely sighted, particularly in these lands where all the beings were so aware, so vigilant. Actions and reactions, events and occurances in the wider world rippled and echoed even here. To Saya, these whispers and rumbles were more tangible. Awaking one morning, a pinprick of light danced across her eyes with the movement of the sun. Light, where there should only have been the comforting regularity of shade, her wings blocking the morning glare. Over the years this pin prick had grown, the threads around it fraying, loosening, coming apart.

Patching and darning had helped for a long time, kept Saya aloft, able to soar across their skies. Each repair took time, some worked better than others. She had long since stopped sewing and embroidering herself, finding each needling created myriad new holes, each capable in turn of damaging her fabric further. Secure in the knowledge that others were working hard, day and night, all over the worlds to find new methods of truly mending what had been damaged, Saya was free to hunt The Unweaver itself. Walking paths well trodden, flying over rough ground, ever searching, ever seeking. Across strange lands she talked with beings, read their reseach, followed their maps. She met those touched by The Unweaver, who had found ways of reworking and remaking, revoking its effects completely. She wept and celebrated with those whose loved ones had been lost. Each encounter was draining. Each encounter was rejuvenating. Each encounter confirmed her understanding and belief, even when she was alone, there were countless souls with her.

Each year, this is the Blogger Challenge that gets to me. The Fantasy Faire is such a big deal for me, I'm proud and blessed to be part of it. It's a visual delight, the people are kind, talented and fun. Running around an ever increasing number of sims, frantically clicking, shopping, listing, landmarking, oohing, aahing etc etc... It's a riot. SO much fun. Then along comes this challenge. Why I Relay. It all just stops. It forces me to refocus, not on the beauty and the shiny, but on the reason behind it all. That's what, without fail every year, makes me cry. Crying is not a bad thing! Feeling the sadness of loss is a conduit to other memories. The sadness is mine. The joys, experiences and love are things shared with those I've lost. Life is hectic, and taking the time to remember can be hard.

So I will do this. Every year. I will take the time to remember, I'll focus on the loss, tears will fall. It is a small small price to pay for the chance to truly remember the people, the joys, experiences and love we shared. I will remember and relive times with Marion, with Helen, with Lesleigh. I will think of those who have beaten, or are living with cancer. I will text. I will make calls. I will reach out. I will be there. And just like that, knowing and feeling all of these things, I can type these words. I'll dry my eyes, and, more likely than not, I'll do another round of the Faire and shop some more.

Doing a little bit, alongside everyone else, we make change. We raise real money to further research into beating cancer. We move forward, and we will do this until there is no Unweaver. No cancer that can't be cured. And then, we'll do it again anyway. Coz like I said... it is SO much fun.

Vyl x

Items shown are 100% donation to Relay for Life.

Hair : AnalogDog - Yoli - Variety
Hair Stick : *Naminoke*Torii HairStick #B-FF2020
Auxentios’ Pass
Skin : Ab.Fab skins&Fantasy  - Eir Nightshade Skin
Eyes :  A.D.D.Andel! Galaxy Eyes- RFL
Tattoo : Ab.Fab Lumeria tattoo
Jewellery : CHIMAERA - Fantasy Fair Necklace and Earrings - Gold
Spirit Valley of Kuruk
Outfit : [The Forge]  - Evelyn, Brown
Lamented Fens
Gloves : CKit Falconry  - Leather Riding Gloves_Female_512
Agra Adara
Wings : ::Static:: DaVinci Faewing {Icharus}
Auxentios’ Pass
Poses : Astalianda - Zodiac Fire Signs and Water Signs Pose Sets

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