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Acharon enjoyed his mornings. It was the rare time when he could spend some moments alone. The best was he did not have to made any desicion. His mornings were planed or more he had a strict schedule of actions he performed after waking. Standing on the floor of his pyramid formed temple only he and some of his servants entered, he looked over the capital city of his empire. He was the Hybrid. The living god of the empire, the creature which was able to understand all the inhabitants of the land around the big river and the one who reigned all of them. Nobody ever tried to fight this system.
Acharon I
Of course only few knew that he was the 24th hybrid. Most of his subjects believed that the country had been founded by him. And that he also created the two races which lived in it. The human like noori and the reptilian saya. Acharon used to adress them with words like "my beloved children" or when he spoke with a saya "my beloved breed". But of course it was him who was the child of two races and not the father. Before the first hybrid had been created the noori and the saya nearly managed to kill each other completly. They were not able to understand the needs and reasons of the other race. The talents and abilities of each race were very different but their powers were equal, and they knew how to use their strenghts against the weaknesses of the other race. The noori usually attacked in the mornings, the reptilian saya were slow at this time of the day. They needed the sunlight to heat the thick blood in their veines but when having spend some time in the sun they became faster than any noori. Of course they used this against their foes. When some noori decided to try to darken the sky to keep the saya from the sunlight it was enough for some of the noori leaders. Being aware of the fact that the war against the saya would abolish both races at the end they started to try to communicate with some saya. They first formed a parliament in which both races would decide and create laws together but unfortunatly it didn't work to keep the humans and the reptilians from fighting against each other. So a small group started the hybrid cult.
Acharon II
They were very smart noori and saya and they knew more about the minds of their fellow beings than they wanted to know. And they hated to abuse this knowledge but they disliked the war more. It was them who created the story of the hybrid which created both races and it was also them who spend a lot of time with experimenting to create such a hybrid. Their cult grew slowly which allready brought a bit more peace to the land around the big river. And finally they managed to create the first hybrid. He hatched from an egg which had been layed by a human woman. After having been taught by both races he was ready to reign. So the priests of the hybrid cult started weekly ceremonies in which they called the hybrid and in the fifth he appeared the first hybrid appeared. He only had to open a hidden door and to walk into a room but for those who watched it looked like a miracle. So they respected him without that he needed to fight for power. The cult had managed to make the people willing to follow the hybrid. Acharon was one of the few who knew the whole story and he was aware of his duties. It was his existance which kept the peace but in the mornings he enjoyed the chance to bath alone in the river and to forget the weight of his position for a moment.
Acharon III
The idea of silks for men was alwas an idea I could not really follow. Until I put together a male avatar and tried the silks vom Al Jamal. The details of those are amazing and they cover everything which should be covered in public without hiding the beauty of the rest of the body. AL Jamal does not only offer silks they also sell fitting jewlery. For those who want to test the look of silks on their avatar there is a gift. Its the purple silks on the picture on the middle. Although it is a gift it has many details. I like that the ring which holds the loincloth isn t fully closed. The Aarat silks on the first picture have gems on the front. They are as all items from Al Jamal available in many colours and the colour of the gems always fits perfectly to the cloth of the silks. The armbands and the harness are designed to fit to the silks. The loincloth looks like being attached to the wire which holds the gems together. The Susa silks on the third picture look elegant with all the gold which has been used to create them. They also have gems on the front but at those silks they look like having been put on a plate of gold. The jinn cuffs go very well with those silks as they are also created by using gold. Fitting to the Susa silks is also a chestpiece available. The gems which have been used for it are the same as the ones on the silks. All the items from Al Jamal come with a resizescript. They are non copy but trans and include a giftbox in case that they should be a gift for somebody. It is worth to visit the store as they play very nice music there.
Fallen Gods Inc. is also a store where always nice music is played but of course the music is only one of the reasons to visit the store. An other important reason to visit Fallen Gods Inc. are the skins and other items which are sold there. The skin used in this blog entry is one of them. It belongs to the hybrid series. It would be more correct to speak of scales and not of skin in when it comes to the skin which has been used in this blog entry. It is available in several colours and even more face options. I liked the terra arkanum version best as it has intresting patterns on the forehead.
The hair comes from Wasabi Pills, it is the branch version of the maeve hair. I like the colour contrast of the hair in powder and the earthcoloured skin. And it amazes me that this very long hair goes so well with a very male looking avatar. So here the list of the used items.

1st Picture:
Harness: Al Jamal - Aarat harness - Ivory (60 L$)
Silks: Al Jamal - Ararat silks - Ivory (95 L$)
Armbands: Al Jamal - Aarat armbands - Ivory (40 L$)

2nd. Picture:
Silks: Al Jamal - El Matareya - FREE (0 L$)

3rd. Picture:
Cuffs: Al Jamal – Jinn – Azurite & Ivory (40 L$)
Chest piece: Al Jamal – Susa chestpiece – Ivory (35 L$)
Top: Al Jamal – Susa harness – Ivory (60 L$)
Silks: Al Jamal – Susa silks – Ivory (90 L$)

On all pictures:
Horns: /Wasabi Pills/ Amoth Horns (I did not find those in the store)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair – Branches – Powder (belong to the whites pack 250 L$)
Skin: SCALES xy +Fallen Gods Inc.+SKIN+ TERRA arkanum (990 L$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry: sa_DragonEyes_FieryVision (50 L$)
Shape: DECLAN Shape [CS Shapes] (749 L$)
Necklace: Al Jamal – Sabah necklace – silver/pearl (50 L$)

All pictures have been taken at Ancient Avaris, The Nile. This sim is a roleplay sim and looks amazing. It is possible to visit it by wearing a visitor tag or to be simply brave and to wear something fitting and roleplay while exploring.

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