Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gender change challenge


Having a little chat this morning, Dagmar  commented on how she had managed to make a male avatar for  0L and wondered if others may enjoy the challenge of doing the same. Well of course I thought it was an amazing idea and so did others, so Dags set up a Flickr group for the challenge, and wow what fun it's been! As you can imagine males set about it straight away and some who shall remain nameless (pssst don't tell anyone I told you but it's Flash Unplugged) seem to be having a little too much fun with it if you ask me! anyway here is my offering which was harder than I imagined......let me introduce to you Fauno Manwall! oh by the way I hope this doesn't make my avatar an unworthy offering by telling you he is ...ummm how should I say ...incomplete! ooh err.

Shape: 0L ice cream hunt item > ::VyC::
Skin: 0 L group gift > Jesylilo
Hair & hat: 0L group gift >Sheep door
Top: 0L group gift > Scar
Shorts: 0L group gift > Bubblez
Socks: 0L part of skate N surf hunt item  > Hate this
Shoes: 0L part of skate N surf hunt item > Stilecht


  1. The hotness in sneakers! *wiggles his brows*

  2. There's no such thing as "too much fun" you silly mathematician! :-P

  3. tee hee quite right!! I rather think Flashette may come out to play quite a lot!