Thursday, May 19, 2011

Annoying Clones

Eiren was not glad. The pale purple one had managed to escape again. So she had to search her clone. It was horrible if she would have known how exhausting clones could be she would never have started to experiement with creating them. The first ones were total fails. But she had hope when creating the last one. It looked mainly like her but had a pale purple skin
Gift Corset and hunt jeans
The clone became smarter every day. First Eiren was very glad about this but then it started to develop habbits she also had. And one of her major habbits was to shop a lot. That meant the clone always escaped to go shopping. It wasn't the problem that people saw it. Unique looks were popular so nobody supposed that the clone would be something else than a human with a special taste in style. Eiren was more annoyed about having to pay its clothing too.
black from a lucky board
The Ezura VIP group has 1000 Members. To celebrate this there is a gift for those members in the store. Its a corset with frills. In the front it has some leopard patterns. The frills come with resize script. There is also a new gift on the lucky board at ezura, this lucky board is also only for members. It is a dollie dress. The set includes fitting gloves and the skirt has a bow at the back.
The short blue jeans are the gift from crayon design in the skate'n surf hunt. The cuffs and the little bags are put together in one piece and have a resize script. The little keychain also belongs to the trousers.

Corset: + eX + ezura Xue 1K VIP Gift (0 L$ but Groupjoingfee is 50 L$)
Dress: + eX + ezura Xue 2011 Rezz Month LB Gift (0 L$ but Groupjoingfee is 50 L$)
Jeans: Crayon Design - Skate'n Surf Hunt - Baggy pants blue [unisex] (0 L$)

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