Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not wanting the day to end

In the evening she was all exhausted. She had spend the whole day with surfing, talking with friends and eating a bit. Now she was tired. But somehow she did not want to go home. The day had been so magical and she simply did not want it to end.
aemeth skin at the beath
a.e.meth takes part at the skin and shape expo which will end at the 20th. There they show also their new Andromeda skins which are available in three tones at the moment: peach, fair and tan. I love the romantic look of the skin. The skins come with several tattoolayers with lipstick and eyeliner/eyeshadow so it is easy to let the skin look great to every dress or outfit.
aemeth skins with different makeups

Skins: [ a.e.meth ] - Andromeda Skin (Tan, Fair,Peach with makeup) (each 200 L$) (sold at the Skin and shapeexpo)


  1. I've bought some of aemeth's stuff before.

    I'm particularly fond of the eyeliner. It's good stuff if you're on a budget, definitely.

  2. Yes I love her makeup. She is so talented.