Wednesday, May 18, 2011

She's a like a rainbow


I LOVE THIS DRESS! in fact I love all of them in the new range at Vero Modero thats it was incredibly hard to decide which was my favourite, but since this rainbow one is so delightfully colourful , oh and instantly reminded me of one of my favorites songs by The Rolling Stones ( yes yes that one 'she's like a rainbow') I knew this was the one for me...umm and the dots one Ahem anyway.....

But on the theme of rainbows there is a wonderfully technicolour hair out as a gift at BC332  It was a little bit too colourful to wear with this outfit and so I opted for this beautiful classic bob instead , which incidentally is also a group gift at the same store.

Take a look at these!, I know you're going to want them all!

Mist Dresses

Hair: 0L group gift > BC322
Dress: 350L -  Mist dress - rainbow > Vero Modero


  1. Astonishing, brillant, marvellous and - have i said astonishing already?

  2. WOWOWOWOW .. another great post from you :-)) Love it .. and the picture: more than awesome .. simply brilliant

  3. Ohhh really thank you so much *blushes* you say the nicest things <3