Thursday, May 19, 2011

[(d)row, (d)row your boat]

This is most likely the least fitting headline I've ever chosen (apart from the fact that it includes the word 'drow'), but the line simply got stuck in my head when I was working on the picture, and in the end I couldn't resist to actually use it. Ahem, back to the topic! This super-generous and detailed outfit, or rather avatar, is AC Design's contribution to the Supernatural Hunt, which will be running until May, 31st.
You are looking for a closed purple supernatural bottle.

[(d)row, (d)row your boat]

The male gift includes everything shown in the picture, except the hair and eyes, and I took the liberty of showing different variants of how to wear this really nice set of roleplay-gear. You also get the weapons (bow and quiver, unscripted), ears, horns and the tail, the skin and the golden stripes on a tattoo layer. The female outfit is much more revealing, with merely a harness of golden straps covering your bits, but I believe it's possible to mix and match both sets in case you want a less unveiling look.

Drow-avatar: AC Designs - Drow Male Warrior (free)
Hair: fri. - Nicole.2 - Startled White
Eyes: [T.P] - Animale - Vivid Red

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