Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dancing Android

Sebian X24 had a problem. It was not a big problem it was more a bit odd. She had been created to help in the communication between computers and humans. So her ai wasn t that massive as the ai of the big computers was who took care of nearly everything. They controlled the preassure in the conduits, the traffic and even the oven which were used to bake bread. Sebian spoke with those ais. Humans were not able to understand the systems they once created anymore so they needed helpers like her.
eX android
But one of the contacts with a very old ai had been a bit too much for her. Since this time she always thought she would hear music when she walked over the lattice which covered some data circuits. But people slowly got used to the dancing android.
eX feeling like dancing
The avant garde sets are one of the latest releases by Ezura Xue. for them she designed latex which covers the body in stripes. Beside the latex there are prim parts which are worn on the upper part of the body. The neck is covered by several rings and on the chest there metalsticks put together. The latex parts come on the tattoo, undies/undershirt, trousers/shirt layer. The gloves of course on the glove layer. Ezura also designed fitting shoes and a fitting headdress to the outfit. They are as the outfit available in black, red and white. The headdress comes with a hud. It includes the options to choose the colour of the item, to change the colour of the glow and even to choose how transparent it should be. The hud of the shoes also offers many options. It is possible to change the glow and the glowcolor and to decide how shiny the shoes should be. I like the heel of the shoes very much which looks like a tire in my opinion.
ex avantgarde

Outfit: + eX + Avant Garde E.T. Outfit *Black Set (308 L$)
Headdress: + eX + Avant Garde Hair E.T. *Black (198 L$)
Shoes: + eX + AG E.T. Ankle Boots *Black Set (198 L$)

The poses in this pose come all from Di's Opera. It is worth to have a look at this posestore as she sells very unique poses which are very well made. And they even look good when being used by small avatars.
The pictures have been taken at the next day.

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